Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Image erection system

so i got my front surface mirrors in on monday, and i just finished the image erection system.
it consists of four front surface mirrors placed in a way that will rotate the image 180 degrees.
it's purpose in the adapter is to flip the image optically so that you'll view and record an upright image.
the main disadvantage of the addition of an image erection system is that it will add roughly 120mm to the optical distance from the ground glass to the camcorder lens.

custom cut mirrors: $28
wood: $free
epoxy: $3
metal bracket thingy: $free
total cost: $31

top view

36x24mm frame size as seen through the mirror system. the digital camera i used was limited to 3x, so it didnt fill the frame.

rear view

front view


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